LC- Musical Program

House Band: Overture (instrumental compilations)

ACT 1 SCENE 1 – Don Juliette Show

Vicki Clark: Take Me to Heaven

ACT 1 SCENE 2 – Blue Bunny Night Club

House Band: Tap Out Instrumental

House Band: Blue Bunny Instrumental

Cain James & The Tricksters: Lullaby

ACT 1 SCENE 3 – Roscoe’s Bar

Agatha: Round-Robin

House Band: Try Your Luck

House Band: Try Your Luck Outro

ACT 1 SCENE 4 – Ms. Shirley’s Apartment

Ms. Shirley: Control

ACT 1 SCENE 5 – Luke Lawrence’s office

Otis: Otis’ Neighbor

ACT 1 SCENE 6 – Roscoe’s Bar

Agatha: Bitter Coffee

House Band: Worth the Wait

ACT 1 SCENE 7 – Luke Lawrence’s office

Musical Interlude: Try Your Luck Outro

Musical Interlude: Con Job Instrumental

ACT 1 SCENE 8 – Roscoe’s Bar

Vicki Clark & The Tricksters: Sweet Kiss

Agatha: Shortchange Love

ACT 1 SCENE 9 – Roscoe’s Bar

Agatha, Gail, Otis, Clarence and Cast: Live Our Best Lives

Musical Interlude: Twilight

ACT 1 SCENE 10 – Don Juliette Show

Little Frankie & the Tic Tacs: More Than Friends

ACT 1 SCENE 11 – Don Juliette Show/Ms. Shirley’s Apartment

Don Juliette: I Can’t Live Without You

ACT 1 SCENE 12 – Ms. Shirley’s Apartment

Luke Lawrence: Love Can Wait

ACT 2 SCENE 1 – Claxton Manor

Thelma: Down

ACT 2 SCENE 2 – U-Street Records Studio

Agatha: Neighbor

Musical Interlude: Opportunity Knocks

ACT 2 SCENE 3 – Ms. Shirley’s Apartment

Ms. Shirley: American Dream

Musical Interlude: Neighbor Medley

ACT 2 SCENE 4 – Roscoe’s Bar

Musical Interlude: Blues Alley

Musical Interlude: Fool’s Gold

Agatha: Pity the Fool

Musical Interlude: Pity the Fool Reprise

ACT 2 SCENE 5Luke Lawrence’s office

Musical Interlude: Boomerang

The Tricksters: Soapbox

ACT 2 SCENE 7 – Thelma’s house/Don Juliette Show

The Tricksters: Tricksters’ Neighbor – extended version

Musical Interlude: Don Juliette Neighbor Reprise

Clarence, The Cymbals & The Tricksters: Shades of Gray

Agatha: Last Call

Cast Reprise: Live Our Best Lives/Shades of Gray