Director’s Note

I want to say a special thank you to all who came out to support the cast and cause behind “Senior Moments”. Your presence truly invigorates the performers and makes all their hard work over the past couple of months seem quite worth it. Please take some time out to let the cast know how much you appreciated their performance. My earnest desire is that  you will be inspired to continue to make a concerted effort to give back to the community, and in particular serving our vulnerable populations.

The music in Senior Moments may be categorized under two overarching themes: the exploration of types of love and the African American experience. It is fitting that the show is being mounted during Black History month as at its core, it’s a reflective story about the rich African American history in Alexandria, VA. I see this production as a celebration of the role of seniors in our community. They are our historians, teachers, advocates, moral compass, and a litmus test for civilized society. The characters displayed may be quirky and nuances but I am sure relatable.

Our aim was to put on a Broadway style show on a shoe string budget. I think we accomplished that and then some.  I focus on social commentary musicals because I firmly believe  that art shouldn’t just entertain, but it should provoke thought. That thought should manifest into action, and that action should be transformative. This was a labor of love and I am humbled to work with so many talented artists with such big hearts. Continue to support the arts community and I hope you’ll leave with a new found appreciation for senior citizens.


Jason A. Ellis, MPA