SM Synopsis

(G rated); runtime 2 hours 30 mins; 6M/10F/Ensemble; musical comedy

When 4 senior citizens get together to share about their life experiences growing up in Alexandria, VA there is a lot to laugh about and a lot to learn.

Written and directed by Alexandria Living Legend and 40-under-40 awardee, Jason Ellis, this musical comedy revolves around the life experiences of 4 female African American senior citizens as they navigated youth through adulthood in Alexandria, VA. Mr. Ellis coins his productions, “playcerts” because of his unique approach to musical theater, showcasing strong dramatic scripts along with powerful performance styled musical numbers. Birthed from actual interviews of Alexandria residents, the playwright does not shy away from political hot topics such as race relations, ageism, color prejudices, family values, religion and inequality and in the process, encourages thoughtful discourse. Senior Moments was originally mounted in 2014 and takes its place as fourth in a series of social commentary musicals, penned by the playwright.

Main characters, Francine, Bernardette, Darcy, and Carol share their life stories to a local newspaper columnist, Jr., who visits them, and his dad Mr. Buck, at a congregate meal program in a senior center. The center director, Ms. Denise, who is also a senior keeps each day’s activities running at a brisk pace, and the addition of new program participant, Mr. Hanna, brings a twist to the program’s dynamic. These 7 seniors provide an energetic motley crew of personalities for the audience, as they keep each other in check. The tagline, “we like spilling tea” is a reference to the propensity of these seniors giving their story to you straight with no chaser. What unfolds is a historical journey through Alexandria providing stories of triumph and belly busting humor. 

Featuring a cast of 23 uber talented performers from across the DC metro area, the stories come alive through 16 original musical numbers including dance and powerful ballads. There is something for every musical taste, from jazz and blues, to classical and big band. Using just the right amount of flashbacks the audience is periodically transported to Alexandria of yesteryear including references to significant events and landmarks. The production celebrates the rich African American history in the city and is fittingly being mounted during Black History month.

Senior Moments is produced by Momentum Collective Inc., a VA based nonprofit providing after-school programs and college scholarships for low-income youth in Alexandria. Proceeds from the production will support these charitable efforts. Visit for ticket information and to learn more about the organization.